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Designing a kitchen for optimum utility and a perfect aesthetic is a very crucial aspect when you're remodeling your home, or building a new one. And no matter how fancy a kitchen vendor, they're bound to make mistakes. Costly mistakes at your cost. With us, you can drop by for an hourly consultation, and our professionally trained designers will assist you in the process at a fraction of the cost.

Work in a completely flexible system - design your own services package as per your need.

Customization of Furniture pieces, by way of size, material and finishes, right to the basic construction detailing, helps in managing budgets effectively.


Stay connected with the Principal Designer at all times during the project. She takes limited projects at one time and likes to get personally involved with her clients all the way through the project development stages.

It is customary for our clients to visit the factory during strategic phases of developing of furniture pieces and be an inherent part of the process - so participate actively in the design process and watch your ideas take shape and come to life.


Watch our highly trained site teams fix up your dream home literally overnight - the smoothness of the execution is an experience to cherish over the years.

There is absolutely no charge for the first time know-your-customer interaction, on the phone or otherwise. Feel free to share your project details prior to the discussion.

Connect Now with our Team for all your conventional and unconventional design needs!



Short Term Consultation, to help you avail of premium services at a fraction of the cost. You may either come ready with your design questions and pay by the hour or take help in sourcing smart, high quality fitments from the markets at discounted prices.



Sourcing the perfect blend of wall decor, lights, Art & Accessories - to Style & Highlight your home and create that perfect magazine shot. Art, frescoes and Mosaic - for the art connoisseur, who is always looking out for the new. 



 Custom fabrication of Furniture in our factory - tailored to your taste, requirements and budget.


Watch what our clients have to say about us, in the following Video Testimonial.

Whatever it is that we could have imagined our new home to look like, Himani exceeded those expectations hands down.

Come let's take a tour of our Furniture Factory facility together.

Photography  courtesy of Alice Gao. Content for demo purposes only.

A 10,000 square feet of woodworking facility in the heart of Delhi, boasting of skilled artisans working 24x7 to ensure timely delivery and the absolute top-notch quality finishes, to lend that special touch to your home. Get your furniture made, tailored to your taste, needs and budget - all under one roof.

How about getting a synopsis of what we do in 30 seconds in the following video?

Photography  courtesy of Alice Gao. Content for demo purposes only.