Founded by interior architect Himani Jain in 1998, SPACE TALK Designs is one of the oldest and most respected interior design and furniture manufacturing-furniture styling firms in the Northern part of India. 


It all started when a young girl, a topper in school, decided to follow her passion instead, in the Design Discipline. The journey was rough but stimulating. It began with years of grilling, followed by learning to differentiate good design from bad and eventually turning into a Design Critic. With her international travel exposure, her eye to detail got developed. Her sense of combining color tones got honed. The skill of layering of complex materials and textures got curated. And these are the key ingredients that help in bringing out the best in every piece that she touches.

"Proportions is what builds or kills a piece" is what she professes. 


Our Team



TEAM SPACE TALK comprises of senior and trained consultants from diverse fields to provide a rich experience to their clients.


Himani Jain


A well-arranged space—highlighted with tones, textures and lights—is bound to stimulate senses and instigate a conversation. She is an interior design consultant, critic-cum-stylist who specializes in the Business of luxury, glamour and grandeur. She started Space Talk in 1998 and aims to take some form of design to every household, through her offering of Hourly Consulting.



Anindita Kar Roy


She is a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary artist and designer, whose work engages associations between changing moods of man, nature and the elements around her.  Her experiences stem from her perceptions as a self-taught artist, painter, art collector, traveler, photographer and more. She paints and mosaics on all surfaces—wall, wood, and canvas—with equal passion and gusto.



Srikanth Raghavendra


A designer, critic and consultant for architecture, interiors, and visual merchandising, who owns a limited-edition furniture store in Bangalore—Black. Simplistic by nature, he can design anything till the last detail, be it a product or its packaging, be it fashion or lifestyle or landscape or an aquarium.


Kunal Savarkar


He is an architect, cricket statistician, numismatist, philatelist and quizzer. His love for construction, flair for functional design and systems has made him an indispensable consultant to the company.