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1. Interior Design

Whether it is a residence or a commercial space, a big project or a small room, making layout plans that are accurate to the last inch, is a must and should. A good layout plan not only defines the placement and arrangement of the furniture pieces in a space but also clearly specifies their size and orientation. This goes a long way in both avoiding silly technical mistakes as well as paving way for creating a beautiful coherent space.


Plan it all, well. 

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a space that was so beautifully knitted together? Do you know how it all starts?

Yes, with a solid layout plan that takes cares of your requirements as a family, translates that visually into a workable plan and helps you both quantify the project as well as the furniture pieces and create an elaborate cost sheet.

Did you know that brainstorming on a good layout plan helps in finishing 70% of the design, before you actually started it! Feel free to engage our services to the extent of the layout plan stage and watch the clarity pour in to address all your current questions.

2. Custom Furniture

Our Process


Bespoke, every inch of it.

Furniture that's tailored to your every single need. From the fabrics, the colors, the materials, the reclining angle of the sofa, to the stitching and the fine detailing. Built to the exact specifications that your space might demand. Unconventional sizes for uncommon needs.


Any finish, any material.

Our craftsmen work with a very diverse range of materials, techniques and finishes. You name it, we have it. 3 factories, 50 skilled people on the pay roll, well-versed with various aspects of furniture making–like stainless steel, stone, wood, veneer, leather stitching, gold leafing, PU high gloss, Etching, Engraving and inlay work (mother-of-pearl, semi-precious stones like malachites, on wood & granites alike)–is what we have on offer for you.


Direct, transparent system. No middleman, no extra costs.

We design and build our own furniture in-house. No middleman, no showroom costs and a completely transparent process. This allows us to not only give you the best value for money, but do so without compromising on the quality of the materials used. We ship our furniture only after you approve and verify it.


Be a part of the process.

We make furniture that not only reflects you, but one that's designed by you. We allow you to participate in every stage of the process, be it choosing the recline angle or the polish color, the stone sample or the texture and pattern of the upholstery of your sofa. You can just walk right into our factory and watch your ideas come to life.


Materials Guarantee.

We understand our materials. We work with original wood and leather to provide only the highest quality material finishes, crafted by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, using the best in class technology at our factory. We do not mix in cheaper materials like cardboard, mdf, no wood grains plyboard, fabric waste for sofas or cheap polish so as to bring down the costs.


3. Lights, Art & Accessories

     Purchase Assistance


We help you find the right stuff, at the right place.

You can consult us for assistance in finding all the right stuff at the right places in the market, and we'd be happy to help you procure smart, high-quality fitments—be it the upholstery replacement you've been looking for or just the right tiles, lights, art and accent furniture to go with your decor. And we could help you get lucrative trade discounts in the process.


And you can sign up for these services without engaging us to do up the entire design project!


4. Hourly Consulting

With our short term consultation option, you can get the design ideas and technical guidelines at a very low price and that too, from an experienced designer who would have proved to be expensive for the whole project. You can design on your own, by taking necessary guidelines and ideas from us, only to the extent and time that it is needed.

for example: if you are constructing your dream bathroom and have your own ideas, you can take our suggestions only for the technical part, in order to avoid any costly mistakes.


Save big on consultation.

Consulting an experienced professional on a large-scale project for a prolonged period of time can be a costly affair. But with our hourly consulting policy, you can save a lot by consulting us only for a brief amount of time, as per your design need.



Get a second opinion, avoid costly mistakes.

Those who are already involved in the construction of their interior spaces and are not satisfied about the way the project is proceeding with their architects, contractors and designers, can now consult us for a second opinion on plans, furniture layouts and the entire design language.

You can consult us for a second opinion before starting to execute your designs set, and our team of experienced professionals will guide you through your project, checking your ideas for feasibility and technical and design inconsistencies, thus helping you avoid costly mistakes in the process.