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The Zero-Stress Relaxing Chair

space talk designs Proudly presents to you the one and only Zero-Stress Relaxing Chair that packs in the killer combination of Beauty + Comfort + Price, all in one furniture piece.


Why Should You Get This Unique Relaxing Chair

This lounge chair is a revolution in its own space. Designed and contoured to perfection, using the highest quality materials like Teak wood and supervised by a senior Interior Designer - this chair is bound to up your seating comfort dramatically and bring in oomph factor to your home.

This chair offers phenomenal health benefits by default. It is hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen while keeping the ideal reclining sitting angle of between 110 to 130 degrees, thus offering posture correction and maximum comfort to your back. Also, the flexibility to adjust the height of the footstool as per your body comfort, ensures full support to your knees like no other chair can.

Feel free to take this lovely piece of furniture anywhere in your sweet home. It is compact and is a must-have essential for your bedrooms, reading nooks and entertainment corners alike.



✔️ 1. This relaxing chair will 10X your sitting comfort without damaging your knees or hurting your spine.

✔️ 2. It’s so comfortable that you can sink into it like a baby and it will fit into your back just like second skin.

✔️ 3. Hand-crafted to perfection, the easychair offers posture correction and supports your back and knees like no other chair can.

✔️ 4. This superbly beautiful lounge chair is fully customizable for your height and body type and is bound to add the luxury quotient to your home almost instantaneously.

✔️ 5. It’s a Stress-Free & Zero Maintenance chair - we ensure not to leave you with rickety mechanisms or broken wires, irritating sounds or even dust settling underneath for that matter, to deal with.

✔️ 6. Unlike the big daddies, it is compact and doesn’t occupy too much space. The chair also offers the flexibility to bring in your own fabric of choice, matching with your home interiors and personal liking (the offer price does not include the fabric).

✔️ 7. And that's not it - Your new accent chair is pocket-friendly too!

*This is not a rocking chair - we rock babies to make them sleep! Feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy reading your favorite book or sip through your cup of coffee.

Why Spend 90K On A Recliner Chair When You Can Get A Way Better Alternative For Under 40K? 🎯

limited time offer

This Signature Chair of ours is now available with up to 19% Discount Code for the first 10 people who place an order. TCA*

2 Buying Options:

  1. CHAIR + FOOTSTOOL Combo, valued at INR 48,000 but can be yours today at only Rs. 39,000 after applying Discount Promocode : PLATINUM. Pay Only For The Chair and Get The Footstool Complimentary!

  2. CHAIR Only, valued at Rs. 39,000 but can be yours today at only Rs. 32,000 after applying Discount Promocode : GOLD.

*Also become eligible for an extra 10% Discount on your next order with us.

**There’s more! 2 people win FREE SHIPPING on the basis of a lucky draw. Please check your shipping costs at the time of placing the final order.

So, if you want to 10X your comfort or get a perfect gift for someone you care about, then this is a chance you should not miss.

how have we kept the priceS in check

without compromising on our high quality standards?

  1. NO EXPERIMENTATION or INCIDENTAL COSTS INCLUDED - This chair is our tried and tested project piece. This means that we have already spent time and energy in arriving at the best comfort proportions and our previous clients have been billed for the same. You can now avail of the loyalty-free pricing during the limited time offer period.

  2. SIMPLICITY - we chose to keep the chair design simple and maintenance-free with no fancy or unnecessary, money-extracting mechanisms.

  3. NO SHOWROOM COSTS - the chair is delivered to you directly from our factory in South Delhi.

  4. NO GST BILLED - We will absorb this cost for your first single chair order. That’s a clear saving of 18% for you!

You Too Can Own This Beautiful Chair Today

How Does It Work?

Follow these 3 simple steps to Book Your Chair :

  1. #STEP 1 - Fill up the form on the right/ bottom to help us connect with you and process your order faster

  2. #STEP 2 - Click on the “Lock Offer Now” Button to lock today’s offer price with only Rs 999. Valid for a limited time.

  3. #STEP 3 - Once you have paid Rs 999, follow the Facebook Page link to comment “Booked” on the chair’s post. Do not forget to like the page to become eligible for the Discounts.

    *Once you are ready, we will help you pay up the balance amount while using your preferred Discount Promocode.

    **The Delivery time is up to 3 weeks from the date of placing of the complete order.

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