Know Your Style 

Whether you are looking to create a soothing Mediterranean living space or a warm, rustic, closer-to-nature environment to retire at the end of the day, the skill set required to put together the perfect elements, coupled with years of experience in both design as well as fabrication in our factory facility to deliver the elegantly- styled hand-crafted pieces within the set timelines, is what sets us apart. 

So, the perfect height of a table for a young adult who is learning to get self-reliant to that beautifully carved conversation-starter living room piece and going all the way to taking care of minutest of details to create a well-organized Storage space for your home study or bar or kitchen utility, is what you get upon associating with us.             



DID YOU KNOW that the standard prescribed 30 inches height of a dining or a study table and even a 34 inches of a kitchen counter for that matter, ARE NOT THE IDEAL COMFORT HEIGHTS FOR MOST INDIAN ADULTS ?


RESIDENTial interiors

custom furniture


lights & accessories

commercial interiors


Modular Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen for optimum utility and a perfect aesthetic is a very crucial aspect when you're remodeling your home, or building a new one. And no matter how fancy a kitchen vendor, they're bound to make mistakes. Costly mistakes at your cost. With us, you can drop by for an hourly consultation, and our professionally trained designers will assist you in the process, and help avoid the costly mistakes.


Walls form the backdrop, and lend character to a well-designed space. You can play around with art that is customized to your taste, put together precious pieces done by your little one, or highlight using a variety of materials that blend with your room decor.

Lighting Design

Lighting when done right can add a unique flair to any space, and boost your mood. Our professionals place the right lamps at just the right angles, so that it highlights your furniture, your decor, and adds a panache to your space

Art, Mosaics & Fresco's